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Send quick and bulk SMS to your customers using our messaging features

Delivers to all networks.
Secure and Reliable Messaging routes
Pricing for DND route slightly higher and can deliver through default ID's to customers who have DND activated on their lines.
International price rates will be higher
Starts as low as: in Nigeria



Per Message

Easily & seamlessly verify your customers identity via our verification tools

Securely Generate One Time Passwords for Free
Send token to a preferred channel (Please note that you'll be charged per message sent)
Successfully verify OTP generated and delivered through our verification API
Token Verification API for as low as $0.0011
Starts as low as: in Nigeria



Per Verification

Send quick and bulk SMS to your customers using our messaging features

OTP and Transaction notifications are charged at $0.0566 per message in nigeria. Pricing for all countries is available on request
Get verified by whatsapp and approved to send OTP, transaction notifications and provide customer support
Starts as low as: in Nigeria



Per Message

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