Frequently Asked Questions

Questions awesome customers like you often ask

How does Termii work?

Termii has a library of voice, sms, email & WhatsApp messaging tools that african businesses can integrate into their mobile apps & web platforms to send out messages at scale to their customers across Africa.

Can I send free messages?

No you can't. All messages are billed on a per unit basis For all users. Users are allowed to purchase messaging units into their wallet using their credit cards.

Do you sell customer data?

No, We do not. We take data protection serious that's why we ensure that all data sets on our network are well protected and not accessible by thirdparties.

Can I integrate other platforms?

Yes you can. Termii thrives more on third-party integrations because our aim is to help you optimize and enhance your marketing & communication process

Can I bypass sms restrictions?

No you cannot illegally. However you are allowed to apply for for an approved ID on termii which allows you send specific type of messages like OTP & notifications.

Do you give money refunds?

If your account or sent messages go south and it happens to be our fault, we would do our best to resolve the issue and do a % refund of the service charge.